Capture the beauty of the universe in a pool with a fiber optic Star Floor.

This innovative water feature lighting system can easily be added to any pool, waterfall, or spa, elevating the charm and sophistication of any design. We have the manufacturers’ specs available for design and construction considerations.

Why Design With Fiber Optic Lighting?

Conventional lighting tends to underwhelm pool owners and rarely showcases a pool’s best features, whereas a fiber optic star floor becomes a dazzling feature in itself. A conventional lighting system is expensive to power and difficult to access and maintain.

These new and unique lighting systems use fiber optic cables to conduct light produced and controlled remotely. Countless patterns and effects can easily be created with this versatile technology, as the cable ends lie flush with the surface in which they are embedded and the lighting is programmed through an accessible controller.

Elevated Style

Fiber optic stars draw the observer closer with a shimmering glow. This twinkling effect brings a sense of awe and wonder to any midnight swim.

Cohesive Design

Pool owners hope to create a backyard retreat. With a star floor feature as part of the design, an ordinary pool becomes a focal point and quickly transforms a yard into a beckoning oasis. The combination of strategic landscaping and enhanced pool design brings maximum value and curb appeal.


Once the design is drawn, the system can be installed.

  • Fiber is run between the Illuminator and the pool using pvc chase lines.
  • Star point locations are marked on the floor for single, double for triple fibers.
  • Fibers are spread out to each star location and are set in place.
  • Cable conduit & fiber cables are sealed.
  • Pool is surfaced pebble finish, etc.) & fiber points are trimmed flush.
  • Full instructions are provided with each installation kit
  • Consulting/training available on jobsite or over the phone as needed.

Fiber optic lighting is the unique feature pool owners long for, bringing charm and style to their investment. Contact us to find out how a star floor can enhance your design today.


HID Kits

#6004 150 watt HID outdoor illuminator with custom twinkle wheel, 120v. Holds up to 600 fibers

LED Kits

FL-5600 illuminator, 120 watt LED illuminator, 4200k white, adjustable dimmer and speed control, 120v – 277v holds 1000 strands fiber.




200 FCST-200-HID FCST-200-LED
250 FCST-250-HID FCST-250-LED
300 FCST-300-HID FCST-300-LED
350 FCST-350-HID FCST-350-LED
400 FCST-400-HID FCST-400-LED
450 FCST-450-HID FCST-450-LED
500 FCST-500-HID FCST-500-LED
550 FCST-550-HID FCST-550-LED
600 FCST-600-HID FCST-600-LED
650 FCST-650-HID FCST-650-LED
700 FCST-700-HID FCST-700-LED
750 FCST-750-HID FCST-750-LED
800 FCST-800-HID FCST-800-LED
850 FCST-850-HID FCST-850-LED
900 FCST-900-HID FCST-900-LED
950 FCST-950-HID FCST-950-LED
1000 FCST-1000-HID FCST-1000-LED