Corona Fiber Optic Chandeliers – Circular

A range of four standard chandelier base shapes, available in various sizes and all manufactured from brushed stainless steel and installed with cracked glass side glow fiber.

As standard these bases are supplied in brushed effect finish, however we can custom paint them to any RAL color to suit individual specifications.

All bases are available with a choice of fiber drop lengths ranging from the shortest 1 metre (3.28 ft) drop to the long 10 metre (32.8 ft) drop.

The bases are all available with a choice of a 150mm (5.9″) or a 77mm (3.0″) tall upstand and have an internal framework which has mounting points for attaching to the ceiling and a secure tray for locating the illuminator.


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Part No Diameter Upstand Height Standard Illuminator No. of Tails
COR-CS-150 450mm (17.7″) 150mm (5.9″) Compact Decorative Total 198 holes in 4 rings
COR-CS-77 450mm (17.7″) 77mm (3.0″) MicroLED 4000 Total 198 holes in 4 rings
COR-CM-150 700mm (27.6″) 150mm (5.9″) Compact Decorative Total 310 holes in 4 rings
COR-CM-77 700mm (27.6″) 77mm (3.0″) MicroLED 4000 Total 310 holes in 4 rings
COR-CL-150 1450mm (57.1″) 150mm (5.9″) Compact Decorative Total 605 holes in 4 rings
COR-CL-77 1450mm (57.1″) 77mm (3.0″) MicroLED 4000 Total 605 holes in 4 rings

Fiber optic drop lengths can be configured in many different sizes – please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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COR-CS-150, COR-CS-77, COR-CM-150, COR-CM-77, COR-CL-150, COR-CL-77