Compact Decorative Metal Halide Illuminator – 150W

Compact Decorative Metal Halide Illuminator

A compact metal halide illuminator which outputs white light and is fitted with an effects wheel to provide color change, twinkle effects or dimming.

The Compact Decorative Metal Halide Illuminator is a low profile illuminator which uses either a 70W or a 150W metal halide discharge lamp. These units output white light and are fitted with an effects wheel to allow either color change, twinkling effects or dimming.

Like all the Compact range, the Compact Decorative Metal Halide Illuminator features a fast re-lamping system via a pull-out hatch on the rear.

Please note: data above relates to more popular 150W model of the Compact Decorative Metal Halide Illuminator. 70W data is available on the product datasheet.

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Compact Decorative Metal Halide Illuminator

Port Connector: 30mm (1.2″) diameter
Fiber Type: Glass / PMMA
Supply Voltage: 110V AC 60Hz
Lamp Power: 150W or 70W
Lamp Model: Philips CDM-SA/T or CDM
Input Power: 180VA @ 110V AC
Start Up Current: 0.7A @ 110V AC
Running Current: 1.5A @ 110V AC
Color Temperature / CRI: CDM SA-T: 4200K / 95 CRI | CDM: 3000K / 88CRI
Control / Effects: Standalone operation / color, twinkle or dimmer wheel
Color Wheel: 7 colors plus white
Enclosure material / color: Mild steel, powder coated black
Dimensions: (L)288mm (11.34″) x (W)277mm (10.91″) x (H)129mm (5.08″)
Weight: 3.5kg (7.72lb)